3-axle curtainside trailers with coil ducts and tailgates

3-axle curtainside trailers with coil ducts and tailgates
Terug Feb 8, 2017

In the recent past, Pacton has delivered the last trailer in a series of five exceptional curtainside trailers, to the Wit Transport firm which is situated in Hillegom. Due to the variety of tasks that they are needed for, the client presented the engineering department of Pacton with the challenge to develop multifunctional curtainside trailers to meet their demands.

De Wit Transport carries large quantities of consolidated cargo to and from France, and Paris in particular. To ensure that the trailers are deployable for an array of tasks, they are fitted with both coil ducts and 2-tonnes tailgates that slide underneath the trailers. These features amongst others, allow the De Wit firm to use the same trailer for different types of cargo.

The trailers are equipped with the Pacton curtainside construction, that is supplied as standard with a sliding roof and steel components are hot-dip galvanized. In addition, the trailers are furnished with anti-theft tarpaulins and special locks on the back doors to ensure that the cargo can be transported safely.

The dual colour paintwork results in a polished and clean look. To accomplish this appearance, individual components such as the axles and support legs have been sprayed in the same colour. Furthermore the trailers were hot-dip galvanized completely to protect them in a sustainable fashion.

De Wit Transport Hillegom

De Wit Transport was founded in 1958 and has grown out to a modern transport company since then. The firm specialises in carrying international consolidated cargo to and from France, and daily departures to all larger destinations within France. In addition to this, De Wit is also actively involved in the storage, transhipment and shipping of ADR tank containers and reefers within the Benelux and North Germany.