2 Pacton coachwork with drawbar trailer combinations for Jan Snel

2 Pacton coachwork with drawbar trailer combinations for Jan Snel
Terug Dec 23, 2016

2 Pacton combinations for Jan Snel

Jan Snel transport put 2 made by Pacton truck combinations into service last week. Both trucks were provided by Volvo van Dijk and furnished as an open trailer. The open trailer, designed by the engineering department has been developed to such an extent that it maintains the maximum loading hight. The height of the chassis of the trucks as well as that of the trailers, is approximately 1.000mm. Pacton has not only done the coachwork , but has also carried out the required technical alterations to the chassis of the trucks to accommodate the platform of the open trailer.

Pacton has developed 2 special centre axle drawbar trailers (MXD.218.L) to complete the combinations. These drawbar trailers are provided with various lashing rings, stake pockets and twistlocks making them exceptionally suitable for the transportation of office units and containers. The 9-tons BPW drum brakes ensure a GVW of 18 tons.

Contrary to the trailers, the trucks are provided with standard bulkheads. The trailers are fitted with 4 stake pockets against the front which can be utilized as bulkheads or omitted in the case of protruding cargo.

Different storage units, such as support for stanchions, tool boxes and a storage box for wood are placed underneath the trucks and the trailers. An exceptional storage unit, specially designed for these 2 trailers has been placed between the axles of the trailers to accommodate a ladder, enabling the driver to cover highly piled cargo.