Terug Mar 20, 2020

Houniet Transport from Zaandam has recently purchased a triaxial, hydraulic steered and extendable stepdeck. Due to the two remote controlled hydraulically steered axles, the semi-stepdeck is highly flexible and manoeuvrable even when it is extended to its maximum of 18,5 m. This is ideal for the diverse activities that Houniet Transport has to perform on cramped building sites, holiday resorts and built on areas. Marco de Jong from Houniet Transport explains that the multi-deployable new semi-trailer offers them maximum flexibility in the transportation of containers, units, long cargo and high machines.

Houniet Transport has multiple activities in the construction and metal sectors. The transport company is able to provide a total package of services with their supply of cars with mobile craners, semi-trailers, a car for small transport and a variety of containers and accommodation units (rental and sales). The (temporary) storage of containers is also taken care of. Houniet tends to transportation by means of trucks with mobile craners and pullers with semi-trailers.

The new Pacton semi-trailer has been finished off in a beautiful Bordeaux red and is extendable by six metres, from 12,50 m to 18,50 m. A loose extra floor plate is available for additional support. This load level segment ensures extra support directly behind the gooseneck if it is necessary in the extended position. The floor plate is utilized by Houniet Transport to combine different pullers with the semi-trailer, both with and without a mobile craner. The difference in length is compensated for by the floor plate. The minimum length of 12,5 m of the semi-trailer has been determined with the planned purchase of a new truck with mobile craner in mind.


De Jong says that Houniet Transport has opted for a (low) stepdeck, bearing the ergonomics for the driver in mind. He goes on to say that mounting and dismounting is much easier for the driver during the loading and unloading process, because he doesn’t have to climb up and down every time. They consider the health and the well-being of the driver as important aspects. This has also lead them to choose a small bulkhead, which according to De Jong helps the driver to mount and dismount easily from the higher part of the semi-trailer by way of the puller.

Extendable by six metres

The new semi-trailer of the type SWD.345.U-422 has a maximum load on the king pin of 15,000 kg, maximum axle load of 30,000 kg and a gross vehicle weight of 45 tonnes. It has been furnished with a fine ship lapped 28 mm thick hardwood floor. The floor has been furnished with 12 twistlock plates with galvanized twistlocks. This allows for the transportation of 1 x 40’, 2 x 20’ and 4 x 10’ containers. The floor height at the rear end is a mere 93 centimetres. The semi-trailer is extendable by six metres. The chassis frame with its goose neck has been fitted with a central main square tube. The inner tube is an assembled chassis beam with locking holes and the exterior tube is an assembled chassis beam with inserted double stops. Pneumatical locking of the beams are carried out in steps of 500 mm.

The BPW air suspension consists of two hydraulically steered fusee axles and one rigid axle. All axles have been supplied with drum brakes and have technical capacity of 10,000 kg and a raise-and-lower valve placed behind the axle bogie to the left. The first (rigid) axle is provided with a liftaxle. The fusee axles are steered by means of a Tritronic (radio controlled) remote control.

Long load ramps

Pacton Trailers has supplied a bearing bock for the transportation of long cargo as well as for 20’ and 40’ sea containers. The bearing bock has been supplied with two twistlocks and a stake pocket row across the full width. The ramp can be fixed to the floor at different positions in support of the long load. Among the list of specifications that Pacton has realised was the request for extensive LED lights and lamps. A further eight working lamps have been placed around the semi-trailer for good visibility, rope hooks have been placed underneath the side profile, a stainless steel box has been fitted to the left in the wheelbase and an open storage box to the right. Four hanging width warning signs (including socket) and galvanized holders have been fitted as well as 2 x 12 stake pockets in the side profile, five rows of stake pockets crossways, stanchions at the bulkhead frame and 5- TUV certified wholes in side raves. A ramp has also been provided at the rear end as well as a rear view camera.

De Jong boasts that this is a very complete stepdeck that allows them to be extremely flexible in their daily activities. He says that they haven’t owned a Pacton trailer before. Pacton offers a wide range of steered semi-trailers and stepdeck and they were able to deliver exactly what Houniet needed, and in dialogue with the manufacturer of the mobile craner. De Jong is confident that they will experience pleasure and convenience for years to com.