Terug Dec 20, 2019

Vogelzang Roof Units has recently put two new open Pacton semi-trailers into use. They take care of the transportation of most of their produced building elements themselves with their own fleet consisting of eight trucks and 14 semi-trailers. The combinations are often put to use in residential areas for private persons which led to the choice of forced steered double-axled semi-trailers with a wheelbase of 8,60 m. Director Jan Vogelzang explains that a force steered semi-trailer is a necessity in their work that they can’t do without.

Vogelzang Roof Units from Dedemsvaart purchased a duo Pacton double-axled open semi-trailers of the type TPD.230.L. It has a coupling weight of 12,000 kg, a maximum load on the suspension of 18,000 kg and a gross vehicle weight of 30,000 kg. Both of the semi-trailers are multifunctional in use for high volume transportation due to the lift axle on the first axle, Tridec TD steering, the maximum chassis length of 13,58 m and a relatively low chassis height of minimum 1,09 m. Notably the chassis of the semi-trailers are lower at the rear end than the front, with the chassis at the coupling being 1,29 m, at the second axle 1,15m and at the rear 1,09m in height. This is in coherence with the existing fleet of Vogelzang Roof Units. Vogelzang says that the fifth wheel heights of their other semi-trailers ranging from 1,24 m to 1,30 m, are all higher. All but two of those, are stepdeck trailers. He continuous to say that their building elements are hardly ever higher than 2,70 m, justifying their choice for open trailers at this stage to fulfil in their needs. They often have multiple packages to transport and then they place the highest package at the rear end of one of the new Pacton semi-trailers. According to Vogelzang the lift axle was also a well-considered choice because they are not a transport company, even though they tend to their own transport. They never have any return transport and therefore they drive back with only one semi-trailer axle. This purchase was the first one for Vogelzang Roof Units at Pacton Trailers in Ommen. Vogelzang points out that they came across Pacton through Oegema Transport. The new semi-trailers furthermore have steel air vessels, compact steel sideguards for the axle bogie, lashing rings in the side raves and a Groeneveld lubrication system among others.

Roofing branche

Vogelzang Roof Units currently have about 160 employees. This family owned business has grown under the management of the brothers Jan and Lucas Vogelzang as well as their spouses Tineke and Henny, in 30 years time into a concept. They are strongly committed to quality, development and innovation. Vogelzang Roof Units is active in the design and production of prefab roofs, including all parts such as facades, walls, dormers and floors. The company mainly take orders from contractors and other building institutions, but individuals are also welcome. Vogelzang Roof Units work with modern techniques and innovative material. They are the only company in the branch in the Netherlands that holds an international CE marking. Vogelzang says that this marking serves as evidence that their manufacturing process meets the international requirements regarding safety, health and environment. They have received the CE marking for the Kerto-Ripa floor and roofing elements that they have been supplying since 2012.