Terug Oct 10, 2019

Logi Trans has recently purchased 14 new Pacton semi-trailers as expansion in order for them to guarantee the safety, sturdiness and sustainability of their fleet. It is not without a reason that they have chosen a weighted chassis with stanchions all around and a high bulkhead of 1,80 m at Pacton Trailers. This enables them to optimally secure material in compartments. Their choice of relatively heavy semi-trailers is explained by their opinion that heaviness represents reliability and strength, which are an absolute necessity in the oil industry according to Piet Brink, Logi Trans Ltd director from Coevorden. The Dutch Ltd is a subsidiary company of the Norwegian mother company.

The head office of Logi Trans ( is situated in Tananger, Norway. Other branches are situated in Bergen also in Norway, in Herning in Denmark and in Coevorden in the Netherlands. The oil and gas related business activities, especially in the region of Schoonebeek explain the presence of Logi Trans in the Netherlands. All the branches of Logi Trans take care of all forms of logistics (air and sea freight as well as road transport) and the associated customs facilities, such as export documentation, T1 documents, import formalities and other related issues. Logi Trans has been AEO certified since 2018.

Logi Trans has about 45 employees of which five are situated in the Dutch branch. Brink says that Logi Trans finds itself in a niche market regarding the transportation and logistics surrounding the oil well equipment. He explains that it implies everything that is needed for oil rigs, both on and off shore for Europe and worldwide. Brink continues to say that it relates to unique and specific equipment which could be small or large and heavy, including a lot of piping material.

Widely deployable

Logi Trans purchased ten triaxial flatbed trailers of the type TXD.345.L-4222. Besides that, four new Pacton stepdeck trailers of the type SXD.347.L-2 are being utilised. The semi-trailers are characterised not only by the robust execution, but also by its wide range of operational capabilities. The flatbed semi-trailers each has 18 tonnes maximum load on the king pin and a gross vehicle weight of 45,000 kg. These semi-trailers have been fitted with various securing possibilities, including 13 eight tonnes lashing rings on each side in the side raves, rope hooks and many stanchions. The BPW air suspension has three axles with disc brakes and an axle related capacity of 0,000 kg. Twelve container twistlocks for 1 x 40’, 2 x 20’, or 1 x 20’ central containers have been placed the hardwood floor. The semi-trailers has in addition each been fitted with a storage bin for stanchions, snow chain hooks, width warning signs, flashing lights, an open storage box and a retractable ADR board at the rear. The semi-trailers have been delivered with the ADR certification.

The four new triaxial stepdeck semi-trailers for Logi Trans have been equipped with the same options as the flatbed trailers. The front axle has a liftaxle. The maximum load on the king pin is 17,000 kg and the maximum axle load is 27,000 kg, allowing for a gross vehicle weight of 44,000 kg. The stepdecks have a low floor height of 90 cm which combines well with the 17,5 inch tyres. These semi-trailers have also been fitted with twistlocks for the transportation of containers. Four twistlocks have been placed in the lower section of the floor for one 20’ container. Besides that, the semi-trailers have been equipped with loading ramps for the transportation of lengthy cargo, leaning on the neck. The rear sides of the semi-trailers have been bevelled to allow heavy equipment to be driven on. Likewise, these semi-trailers have been delivered with ADR certification.

High demands

Logi Trans has been a client of Pacton Trailers in Ommen for many years. The Norwegian branch has been up and running for the last 25 years and it is still an independent family owned business. Piet Brink says that they have been active in the Netherlands since 2011. He believes that they have been implementing semi-trailers from Pacton, both directly and indirectly for about 20 years.

The new semi-trailers have been acquired to expand on their current fleet. He explains that their cargo mainly goes from the Netherlands (through the harbour of Rotterdam) to Norway, Scotland or England and of course also by means of road transportation. This is how they reach the back country in Europe, such as Germany, France and the rest of Europe where oil and gas activities take place. Logi Trans has a daily groupage traffic service to and from the Netherlands and Norway.

Brink comments that as a company they do not believe in suppliers as such, but rather in contributing partners. He explains that if you believe in each other and trust each other’s products, then mutual agreement can always be established even under unforeseen circumstances. This vision leads to long term relationships with their business partners.

Logi Trans characterises itself as a logistical company, according to Brink. He says that they don’t take care of road transportation only, but also air and sea freight over the world including customs clearance. He elaborates that they are fully flexible due to their own fleet of about 90 semi-trailers of which more than half is of the Pacton brand. He continues to say that their ICT and track-and-trace possibilities are quite advanced and as a result their customers are able to follow their consignment real-time.

According to Brink clients in the oil and gas industry have high demands regarding logistics. They expect service and commitment on the highest level. You are only as good as your last assignment and failure is not an option. He explains that if an oil rig is down for one day, the damage accumulates to a couple of thousands of euros immediately. He exclaims once more that delivery reliability is truly the top priority.