Terug Jun 12, 2019

Cevotrans from Oisterwijk has recently implemented a quartet of new Pacton curtainsider trailers. The semi trailers have partially been acquired to expand on the current fleet and are added to the Pacton selection that the transport company owns already. The majority of the 38 semi-trailers in possession of Cevotrans have in fact been supplied by the trailer manufacturer in Ommen. Tiest van Puijenbroek, transport manager for Cevotrans, explains that manoeuvrability and the ability to load and unload effortlessly, are absolutely essential to their logistics. Their necessity spring from the voluminous cargo that is transported as well as the tight building sites and urban areas that they are frequently challenged with.

The newly purchased Pacton curtainsider trailers by Cevotrans have low fifth wheel heights of 1,05 m and Tridec forced steered rear axles. The semi-trailers have furthermore been supplied with the needed adaptations for the transportation of forklifts, which facilitate autonomous loading and unloading of cargo. With a coupling weight of 15 tonnes and a total axle weight of 27 tonnes, the semi-trailers each offers a gross vehicle weight of 42,000 kg. The BPW air suspensions consist of three axles and have a rated capacity of 9,000 kg per axle. The front axles have been supplied with raise and lower valves. The rear axles have been mounted on turntables and are steered by means of a rod originating from the coupling. Furthermore, the semi-trailers have been supplied with automated lubrication systems, lashing rings in the side raves, storage for lashing rings and open storage boxes, storage facilities for planks, plastic toolboxes, extendable steps at the rear ends and storage facilities for warning signs.

Cevotrans is part of Unilin Insulation and transports a lot of insulation panels and PIR roof elements. It is not as much heavy as it is voluminous. With the streamlining of the loading and unloading processes in mind, the semi-trailers have each been equipped with a hydraulic rising roof and an extra mid stanchion guaranteeing a straight loading and unloading opening without slagging of the sliding sheets. Dismountable shelf brackets have been fixed to the posts and stanchions to prevent goods from getting stuck during the loading and unloading processes. The neck height of 140 mm is low for a steered semi-trailer, which results in selecting special material to still be able to attain a coupling weight of 15 tonnes. Furthermore, the semi-trailers have been equipped with numerous stake pockets for the compartmentation and securing of the loads.

Minimally invasive

Cevotrans is specialised in the transportation of voluminous construction products. Due to the fact that Cevotrans delivers these products to private customers, companies and construction sites, it offers plenty of possibilities regarding the loading and unloading of the products. Cevotrans mainly operates within the Benelux with Unilin Insulation, the mother company, being their largest customer. However, Cevotrans also takes care of road haulage for third parties. Return fright for example, is mostly commissioned by third parties. Besides 38 pulled units, Cevotrans also owns 13 modern trucks. The company operates with 15 employees of which nine are drivers. Van Puijenbroek says that a steered axle is actually compulsory when one is driving in a residential area. He adds that since a couple of years ago they opt for hydraulic rising roofs by default, which offer many advantages when it comes to the loading and unloading of cargo. The loading and unloading of the cargo can be done autonomously on location with the help of forklifts. Everything is aimed at rapid logistics, whilst being the least invasively present on tight construction sites or even residential areas. Van Puijenbroek remarks that they consciously choose this specific configuration of their semi-trailers, because it perfectly matches their activities. He furthermore says that by this time Pacton knows their company well and delivers exactly what they need. Cevotrans likes to work with regular suppliers, given that the products as well as the service are good. He adds that they have even ordered an additional four Pacton semi-trailers of the same type, expected to be delivered in 2020.