Terug Feb 25, 2019

Rotra gave her fleet new impetus with the addition of 15 new curtainsider trailers from Pacton for her intricate distribution activities.

Pacton Trailers in Ommen, has recently delivered the last of 15 semi-trailers that have been ordered by Royal Rotra in Doesburg. These new semi-trailers fulfils in the need that has risen from the increased transport volumes that Royal Rotra experiences and also serve to further modernise their current fleet. The multifunctional semi-trailers are mainly used for Rotra’s intricate network of distribution activities in the Benelux. The renowned logistical service provider has been a convinced customer of the semi-trailers provided by Pacton for many years with their first purchase made in 1965.

The Rotra semi-trailer is extremely practical, completely equipped for her task and has a fine finish. The semi-trailers are reliable and strong, ensuring the optimal protection of the load during transportation. With side curtains on both sides of the semi-trailers, consignments can be loaded and loaded from the sides as well as from the back. The semi-trailers are therefore versatile and optimise the flexibility with which Rotra can serve clients even better. The robust semi-trailers guarantee durability and prolonged usability which compliments Rotra’s durability strategy. The new delivery of 15 curtainsider trailers is made up of five single-axle semi-trailers and ten double-axle semi-trailers. The practical execution of the fifteen semi-trailers each consist of a two tonnes slider lift (with its own battery), a steered (second) axle, pockets in the side curtains, a sliding roof, LED lights and a plastic toolbox. All the trailers have furthermore been furnished with a detachable bracket in the hardwood floor to lock the pallet truck.

The ten double-axle semi-trailers are of the type TBD.233.T-ELP1, with a length of 13,64 m, a total axle weight of 18,000- kg and a gross vehicle weight of 33,000 kg. The five single-axle semi-trailers with a length of 10,7 m are more compact, yet still offers a gross vehicle weight of 22,000 kg with their ten tonnes axle.

The fifteen new Pacton semi-trailers fit perfectly in the daily transportation activities of Royal Rotra. The qualitative appearance of the trailer-series matches their current fleet and material. The semi-trailers have been delivered by Pacton including the lettered sliding sheets. The sliding roofs have been given a beautiful blue accent; the side raves as well as the rear beams have been thermal spray coated and to top it off the chassis, bulkheads, rear frames and rear doors have been finished off in the lively Rotra-blue colour.

110 years

Royal Rotra has been a family owned business for more than 110 years. In recent decades it has developed into a reliable and renowned One Stop Logistic Stop. Worldwide forwarding by air, sea and land, warehousing, value added activities and supply chain management have been combined in one flexible organisation. Rotra’s principle from the start has been to listen to the client and to respond swiftly with personal service, from a single consignment to an integrated supply chain management.

Rotra has been founded in 1909 by Hermanus Roelofsen in Doesburg, where the head office is still situated. Four generations have worked or are still working in the family business. Rotra currently has over 925 employees spread over locations in the Netherlands and Belgium. Locations include Doesburg, Schiphol, Rotterdam, Brussels Airport and Antwerpen.

Continuity through sustainability and innovation

Rotra stands for continuity in the long run and has been looking towards the future since the beginning. In a rigorous changed sector, Rotra is constantly looking for sustainable innovative solutions for the transport sector. For example, Rotra was the first in Europe to implement an ethanol truck and to put up a multimodal LNG filling station for “clean” fuel on their own container terminal in Doesburg, to enhance sustainability by stimulating the transport chain. Since the start of 2019, Rotra has implemented 22 trucks fuelled with LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) as a sustainable alternative to diesel. Besides that they have compensated for the CO2-emission of 6,750 shipments with the Rotra Green Footprint product. This compensation was for the emission of a total of 903,157 kg CO2.