Terug Jul 23, 2018

Baars Transport from Nieuwland has been working with a new Kennis crane semi-trailer (type TPD.348.C-B) more recently. The tri-axle, steered semi-trailer supplied by Pacton from Ommen, is specifically tailored to pipe-laying for dredging. For this purpose, the semi-trailer has been supplied with additional air vessels to accommodate pneumatic tools.

Baars in Nieuwland, founded in 1934, is a multi-faceted company with two branches of service provision. The first branch concerns the contracting of civil engineering projects and the second branch provides national and international transport services. Baars currently has about 100 employees of which three quarters are active in the transport business. The contracting firm, with dredging as their specialist field, carries out civil projects as well as environment projects. The transport business focuses on specialised transportation with flatbed trailer, crane trailer, curtainsider trailers and (volume) tipper trailer. This enables them to transport dredge spoil, general cargo, tippers and other special transport among others. The fleet counts 60 units and it is utilised to carry office containers, mobile homes, construction site equipment, scaffolding systems, dredged material and bulky construction material and more. Transport planner Cor Baars, who has been working for the company for more than 30 years, says that they do their own maintenance, inspection and repairs on their machines and material in their own workshop.


The transportation and delivery of disproportionate cargo requires specialised crane transport. Baars Transport has several rigids/combinations with cranes in their fleet, with a capacity of up to 105 tonnes/metre. Cor Baars explains that a crane semi-trailer is a fixed and indispensable component of their fleet, especially when it comes laying pipes for the dredging-work. The new Kennis crane semi-trailer has been specified with this in mind and it has been acquired as replacement. The two additional air vessels for example, allow for pneumatic tools to be put to use and is deemed to be insurmountable for this task. Baars comments that the entire finished execution has become an outstandingly beautiful Kennis crane semi-trailer.

Optimally geared up

According to Baars, this was not the first time that Baars Transport has done business with Pacton trailers from Ommen. Previously they have bought curtainsider trailers as well as open trailers from Pacton. He remarks that their first contact was established due to the fact that Pacton’s representative lived just around the corner from them. He continuous to say that a semi-trailer such as this specific Kennis crane semi-trailer, typically can’t be bought as it is. It is important to know what the semi-trailer will be used for and consequently have it equipped to match the needs. In their case, optimally geared up includes many stakes both in the side raves as well as crossways, including step side stanchions underneath the semi-trailer and two stainless steel boxes between the first axle and the landing gear. Furthermore, a pair of thirteen 8 tonnes lashing rings has been fitted onto the bulkhead frame as well as fifteen 8 tonnes lashing rings on each side. The axle assembly has been supplied with an open storage box covering the width of the vehicle and rope hooks have been placed under the side raves. A rotating beacon light has been placed on the support beam at the rear as well as two working lamps and two more at the landing gear. The mechanical Jost Modul landing gear has a capacity of 2 x 12,000 kg, two speeds and sliding rocking feet. The wear resistant Hardox steel floor in the middle section is even more robust and durable. The BPW air suspension covers three axles with drum brakes, of which the last two are forced steered by using Pacton two rod steering from the coupling disc. The coupling weight of the semi-trailer is 18,000 kg, the total axle weight is 30,000 kg and the gross vehicle weight is 48,000 kg.

Compressed-air connection

According to Baars, the new semi-trailer has been supplied with compressed-air connections at the rear and on both sides in the middle of the semi-trailer. The length of the semi-trailer between the crane and the bulkhead is 12,30 m which has been adjusted to the length of the piping. He explains that they had the mast of the Palfinger shortened for them from 16 m to 14 m to provide extra sturdiness. The chassis beams serve as crane guides (crane track gauge 1,300 mm). The crane offers a magnificent capacity of 28 tonnes/metre. This makes the Kennis semi-trailer not only extremely suitable for specified work in the wet infrastructure, but also for the transportation of other voluminous construction material. Due to the twistlock attachments for a 40 feet or two 20 feet containers, transporting these containers also belong to the possibilities of the Kennis crane semi-trailer.