Terug Apr 19, 2018

Kempenaars Recycling from Roosendaal has recently acquired two tri-axle chassis trailers (type S-Line FLA-9-18) serving as replacement and made suitable for a variety of swop bodies. According to Niels Goorden from Kempenaars Recycling the new chassis trailers have general, yet flexible configurations. He adds that their fleet is widely deployed and tasked to the maximum. Goorden remarks that the Floor-chassis is outstandingly equipped to complement their needs.

Kempenaars Recycling is experienced in the sorting of paper, cardboard, wrapping film and several other hard plastic materials. Paper, cardboard and plastics are sorted for public authorities as well as for other clients. The sorted waste flows are re-used as raw material. Kempenaars Recycling is in possession of seven chassis for swop bodies, three container chassis and two walking floor trailers. The new Floor S-Line chassis (7,2 m in length) are made out of high-quality steel and supplied with 2x4 rollers. The semi-trailers are fitted with SAF Intradisc air suspensions consisting of three axles with disc brakes. The technical capacity per axle is 9,000 kg. The first axles and the axle boogies are supplied with lowering devices to lower the chassis, enabling the transfer of containers. The front axles of the tandem sets are fitted with fully automatic lift axles by means of EBS and a switch to turn the system off.


Due to the mechanically adjustable triangle, the chassis are used in conjunction with different rigids. If desired, this option offers the possibility for more space between the rigids and semi-trailers to allow more flexibility when manoeuvring. Swop bodies of between 6,0 m and 7,5 m can be accommodated and transported due to two removable stops that are mountable on seven different positions. Furthermore, the S-Line chassis for Kempenaars are fitted with a Bennes Marell roller conveyor to allow for these swop bodies to be used. The mechanically adjustable triangles allow for the chassis to be used in combination with various rigids. The braking systems consist of Wabco electronically controlled air pressure brake systems of the EBS type 4S/3M, anti-tilt systems (Wabco RSS), 2-ISO-connections and parking brakes (spring brake cylinders). The six steel rims (spigot mounted) are fitted with Goodyear tyres (385/55 R22,5). Amongst others, the semi-trailers have furthermore been supplied with stainless steel boxes, parking lights and two working lamps mounted at the rear end. Aluminium side protection has been fitted for the tandem sets, according to EC regulations.