Terug Mar 23, 2018

Auger company Haitjema Ltd, situated in Dedemsvaart, has recently acquired a Pacton triaxial, open turnbale-trailer. The compact semi-trailer has a length of 6,9 m and a total permissible weight of 28,000 kg. The semi-trailer hasn’t been made compact without a reason. As it happens, at Haitjema this semi-trailer is combined with a long cab of roughly 6 m in length, which carries a telescopic crane. Adding the semi-trailer brings it to the maximum permissible length. The three axles are required with the occurring transportation of heavy bags of gravel and clay in mind.

The turnbale-trailer is relatively low (approximately 1 m) and has three low-maintenance SAF air suspension axles with drum brakes. It has one 10 t axle in the front and two 9 t axles at the rear end with dual tyres. The front axle of the tandem pair is executed as a lifting axle which is electrically operated from the truck cabin. The axle lowers automatically when the axle load becomes too heavy. A rocker switch on the chassis allows for the axle system to be forcibly lowered. The Pacton semi-trailer has 12 steel rims of 17,5 x 6,75 (hub centred) fitted with Goodyear tyres 245/70 R 17,5. Furthermore, it has a Wabco electronically regulated air-brake system EBS type 4S/3M, an anti-overturn system (Wabco RSS), a Wabco Duomatic compressed-air connection and a spring loaded parking brake.


The semi-trailer for Haitjema is fitted with tripartite side panels, 40 cm in height. Central grease lubrication is administered on the turntable as well as the axles. Some remarkable options include a reversing camera, a pair of LED flashlights which are connected to the beacon light circuit in the truck. In addition, the coupling ball has been built into the bulkhead. Two fine stainless steel boxes have been mounted on the chassis with two drawers each. The semi-trailers as a rule are made to measure. Variable options include the length, the axle version, disc brakes or drum brakes, the tyre size, single or twin wheels and more. Martin Kosse, sales engineer at Pacton says that the customer specifies the semi-trailers to fit their needs. Folders confirm that they have specified their new semi-trailer to fulfil their requirements. He briefly explains that they have chosen Pacton, because it is close by and has a good reputation. What is more, this will not be the first Pacton semi-trailer to complement their fleet, counting 10 trucks and semi-trailers. Folders mentions the short delivery period as a big plus for Pacton.

120 years

Auger company Haitjema Ltd in Dedemsvaart has a rich history going back all the way to 1900. For almost 120 years the company has been situated prominently at the end of the Juliana street. The company is the property of the staff and the continuity of employment and the interests of the 65 staff members take priority.

Haitjema plans and carries out ground drillings up to 1 000 m deep. They deliver, install and maintain complete systems with all accompanying components such as pumps, piping and also measurement and control technology. They have all disciplines in-house. Moreover, they have a large workshop at their business premises in Dedemsvaart for building and maintaining their material, pre-production and installations. Haitjema is the market leader when it comes to creating and maintaining durable underground energy storage systems to heat and cool large buildings.