Terug Jan 29, 2018

DOESBURG – Albers Transport from Doesburg has bought multiple Kennis crane semi-trailers of the lightweight variant over the last couple of years. The last semi-trailer, completing an order of four, will be delivered by Pacton Trailers in Ommen soon. Marc Albers, owner of the transport company, aims for standardisation of the fleet above all. He reasons that it is convenient for both their clients and the drivers, as well as for maintenance.

The more homogenous the fleet, the easier the daily practice. Albers is unreservedly convinced that trucks or trailers with constantly the same options are much easier in use, control and maintenance. Considering a fleet that entails 50 trucks and 55 semi-trailers, it mounts up to significant added value. Hence their preference for the same options on all their semi-trailers, always completed with a lightweight crane of 14 tonnes/meter. An additional advantage is that it is simple for the manufacturer as well. Placing a new order is as easy as giving Willem Koens from Pacton Trailers a call, requesting two more.

Lighter, not costlier

Albers was actively involved in developing the Light variant of the Kennis crane semi-trailers a some years ago. In a way he sees the TPL semi-trailers as his baby. He depicts it as a fantastic semi-trailer that is built in a conventional matter, yet substantially lighter due to a smart design. Even so, the semi-trailer doesn’t cost more and has an outstanding price-quality ratio. The Kennis crane semi-trailers are available with either one or two (rod) steered axles. It is suitable for transportable cranes and has a capacity of up to 55 tonnes/meter. In addition, it is available either as chassis runner or frame runner. Options vary from two to four axles and from 8 to 13,15 metres in length. The cornflower blue crane semi-trailers of Albers Transport are always supplied with a crane of 14 tonnes/metre and three axles. The two rearmost axles are force steered by means of a single rod steering system coming from the king pin and active when driving forwards as well as backwards. The main beams on the chassis serves as crane guide too (crane track width 1,300 mm). The axle weight is 30,000 kg, with a permissible weight of 45,000 kg. The unladen weight of the latest delivered semi-trailers is approximately 7,355 kg. It goes without saying that the semi-trailers for Albers Transport have been specified for maximal flexibility. A specific individual option for Albers is the storage for the side drops that hangs from the sled and is mounted high to create the maximum ground clearance for the side boards. Albers explains that it is easier in use than a storage box.

Growing company

Albers Transport has been operating as a transport company for 85 years already and has grown remarkably in the recent years. They are mainly involved in the transportation for road construction work, carrying among others sewage pipes, sinks, pavement tiles and curbs and ample of paving stones. Their field of activity cover the whole of the Netherlands, Belgium and the border region of Germany. Due to a large number of trucks complying with the Euro 6 standard setting, the Albers Transport network reaches deep into urban areas. Accessibility is increased by fitting the semi-trailers with steered axles and enabling cranes to be extended over double the length so that unloading is made possible a distance from the side. The company counts 65 employees. Besides that, 10 additional trucks are rented on a daily basis and with their growth in mind, they are currently looking for drivers. Albers Transport is furthermore active in the storage and transhipment of building supplies. For example, it is possible to store large batches of paving material at Albers Transport and have it transported to the end user at a suitable time.