Terug Nov 30, 2017

BARNEVELD – Hop Metal Conservation from Barneveld has recently commissioned a flatbed semi-trailer with a double extendable chassis. The fully extended semi-trailer, supplied by Pacton Trailers from Ommen, has a length of 28 m. Director Jan Hop formulates that the semi-trailer serves as expansion. He explains that their company is growing and that they can put this double extendable semi-trailer to good use in their daily practice. As yet, he says, they have either hired a telescopic semi-trailer or they have outsourced the transportation tasks for these activities.

In Hop Metal Conservation’s in-house powder coating workshop, steel beams and constructions of up to 25 m are furnished with a coating. Galvanizing is also a possibility for lengths up to 16 m. Hop remarks they also take care of the transportation for their clients in 80% of the cases and that makes the investment in an extendable semi-trailer incredibly useful. These kinds of special transportations are admittedly not daily routine, but it represents approximately ten percent of their orders. However, in these cases a special semi-trailer is genuinely necessary.

Hydraulic steering system

The new Floor semi-trailer has three axles and a base length of 13,5 m. Extension can be done in two steps, with 7,45 m and 7,20 m. This provides the semi-trailer with the maximum flexibility. The semi-trailer is equipped with a hydraulic steering system with Tritronic (radiographic) manual control. The three axles are consequently hydraulically steerable by means of two separate hydraulic systems. The steering is conducted by the clutch plate, which is supplied with a self-adjusting steering wedge.

Twenty semi-trailers

Hop Metal Conservation is growing and is situated on the same premises as Hop Fencing systems in Barneveld. They are specialized in fencing, sliding gates, swing gates, site fencing and access technology. Both the production of fencing systems as well as the coating and galvanizing of their own products and that of third parties, take place in Barneveld. They have a beautiful showroom on their premises too.

The company has about 70 employees. For transportation they have three pulling units and 20 semi-trailers. Besides that, they also work with charters. Most of the semi-trailers that they own, are from Pacton Trailers. Jan Hop claims that Pacton is one of the few sound Dutch trailer builders, and a respected client of theirs on top of that.