GAAC Commerz GmbH opts for Pacton when it comes to hard work

GAAC Commerz GmbH opts for Pacton when it comes to hard work
Terug Aug 24, 2017

MITTENWALDE (DE) – Director Peer Vogel of GAAC Commerz GmbH in Mittenwalde, situated in Germany just under Berlin, consciously opts for Pacton trailers when faced with heavy duty applications. He says that the new Pacton stepdeck trailer will be deployed in combination with a new Scania truck. The truck is fitted with a Palfinger PK92000 crane, therewith making it the heaviest in their fleet.

GAAC Commerz is a multi-disciplinary company and active on different fronts. Besides a garden- and building centre in Mittenwalde and a courier service commissioned by Hermes, the company offers a wide range of services with respect to transport and logistics. GAAC stands out in the heavy duty segment and special transportation. In addition to the transportation of building supplies and (heavy duty) building equipment, they focus on mobile crane rental of cranes between 30 and 130 tonnes. The fleet consists of16 trucks with truck-mounted cranes, a wide range of trailers of different kinds and sizes, 11 various mobile cranes and 25 units of trucks with trailers.

Container transport

With the new Pacton trailer of the type SWD.238.L-B22S, GAAC has a stepdeck trailer with two steered axles at its disposal. Due to the fact that semi-trailer should be manoeuvrable on small building sites, it has been equipped with a Tridec HF E steering system. It goes beyond saying that the semi-trailer has been fitted with an abundance of twistlocks and it has also fitted with ramps. This semi-trailer is utilized by GAAZ mainly for the transportation of building- and residential containers. Thanks to the low height of the semi-trailer (90cm), the higher container parts can also be transported without problems. In combination with the new Scania with Palfinger-crane, the entire transportation can be realised with only one combination.

Sturdy and intense

This was not the first Pacton semi-trailer for GAAC. On the contrary, the very first semi-trailer that they have bought in 1993 was a used Pacton semi-trailer. It is not in use anymore, but during the last two years two Pacton semi-trailers have been acquired for the normal transport, as Vogel calls it. They have a total of three Pacton semi-trailers, including the new stepdeck trailer. Vogel reasons that they want to deploy reliable, custom-made semi-trailers with a sturdy construction method for the heavier work. The trailers are used intensively for eight years and even then the Pacton semi-trailers still have a considerable residual value.