Belgian stage lessor deploys Pacton stepdeck trailer

Belgian stage lessor deploys Pacton stepdeck trailer
Terug Jul 3, 2017

PAAL-BERINGEN – Stefan Sannen of SSLPodia from the Belgian Paal-Beringen opted for Pacton Trailers, because he had a good feeling about the trailer manufacturer in Ommen right from the beginning. “It is not nearby, Sannen says, but I am extremely pleased with the new curtainside stepdeck trailer. The experience of the service and contact was simply magnificent and the people are fantastic.”

Sannen is the owner of a business that leases stages. The new Pacton curtainside stepdeck trailer is used to transport stage material and that includes much heavy material such as concrete blocks for ballast. For the last 17 years SSL Podia has taken care of concert stages and Layher-structures for various small and medium-sized festivals. The lessor has build up a good reputation in the market.

Sannen has already known Pacton by name, since he has had a second-hand Pacton semi-trailer in his possession before. Once he was ready to invest in a new semi-trailer, he gathered information from a wide range of possible suppliers. It was Pacton that gave him the right feeling. The new semi-trailer serves as replacement for a 30 year old semi-trailer and is used throughout Belgium and occasionally the Netherlands. Sannen explains that he aims to deliver beautiful, neat and proper work with his company. According to him that is the most important service of a service provider or supplier and that was what he was looking for in s trailer manufacturer as well. Furthermore he stresses that he doesn’t feel the urge to be a market leader. He prefers doing business in a pleasant and personal fashion, with beautiful vehicles as the basis. Regardless of the size of the job, the service is equal for everybody. Sannen tries to be present at every event during for the assembly and the disassembly of the equipment.

Three rigid axles

SSL Podia owns two semi-trailers, a Scania-truck, a truck with a curtain side body and an extraordinary mobile stage –trailer that is hydraulically moveable. The truck with the curtainside construction is due to be replaced next year by a single axle trailer to cater specifically for smaller stages in urban settings. According to Sannen negotiations with Pacton has already commenced.

The new Pacton curtainside stepdeck trailer is of the type SXD.342.TS and is furnished with three rigid, low-maintenance axles with drum brakes. The technical capacity is 9,000kg each. The chassis is 13,64m long, 2,54m wide and 90cm high. The total permissible weight is 44,000kg. The tarpaulin are produced with superior 2x2 dual wired pvc-canvas, 860g/m2. Fixed, vertical lashing straps have been attached with a stainless steel clasp and a galvanized hook, approximately 60cm apart. The curtainsiders run on nylon rollers in the aluminium roof bars and can be tightened horizontally in the back as well as in the front by means of a rattle-tensioning mechanism.

Attractive finish

Sannen confirms that the custom work on the semi-trailer has been completed to his satisfaction. He explains that they have chosen for a large number of stake pockets to secure their (concrete) ballast blocks. Besides that, the semi-trailer is equipped with an rvs-case and also with ramps that are stowed in the chassis and enables them to carry a 1,5m in width Manitou-forklift. Pacton has delivered a beautifully finished semi-trailer, complete with Belgian inspection and a TUV certificate for 27 tonnes.